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I invite you to join me in the Grocery Store Challenge! Let’s see who can save the most money on our grocery shopping this fall! I will be sharing coupon matchups, tips and tricks to save, the best places to get your favorite items, and more!

My husband usually does the grocery shopping in our house. He loves to go to Key Food. To be quite honest, I like Key Food, too. It is one mile from the house, they have great meat cuts and fresh fruits and veggies, and it is convenient and quick. Around the holidays, they offer a great discount offer (if you spend a certain amount of money during the shopping period you will receive a 10-20% off your entire shopping trip coupon on a future trip) and we have saved a ton of money during these specials. But Key Food does not accept printable coupons, so many of the weekly deals that our family (and yours, I am sure!) can use all year round are missed opportunities. So for the fall, I am taking The “NevalandMom” Grocery Store Challenge. You in?

Just last week, I decided to start the challenge in our house. I took the ShopRite flyer, searched for the best deals, printed and collected my coupons, and off I went with my eight year old, Juliana. My husband questioned why I just couldn’t go to Key Food, and I told him that I would come back having spent under $100, whereas our Key Food shopping trips are usually in the $250 range. He laughed, saying it was impossible, but I was on my mission anyway. When I returned having spent $133, he was pretty impressed. I intend to get under that $100 mark one day soon, which is why I plan to do this challenge!

So far, I am happy with my shopping results. The meat we had for dinner was good, the quiche I bought readymade was delicious, and I only paid $5.99 for it (we usually pay $9+). I bought a lot of Shop Rite store brand items, so I can’t wait to try them out, and I matched the weekly specials with the coupons I had for even more savings. I will be listing weekly ShopRite Coupon matchups for all of you as well. If you shop somewhere else, or if you are outside of the NYC Metro area, I will be happy to direct you to another My City Mommy site for more matchups.  Just reply here or email me at mymetronymommy@gmail.com .

Let’s begin.

1. Take a look at “Couponing 101” if you are new to couponing.

2. If you don’t already have a savings card from ShopRite (or whatever store you shop at), be sure to pick one up during the week. You can also sign up for your ShopRite Price Plus Card here.

3. Sign up for Cellfire, where you can click on your coupons right on your computer and they will be automatically added right onto your ShopRite card... YES!  No Clipping. No Printing. No Forgetting!™ You can even print out your Cellfire coupons list to keep track!  Be sure to enroll your ShopRite Price Plus Card to your Cellfire account!  New Cellfire coupons come out Sunday so check back for updates.

4. Be sure you have signed up for Coupons.com, SmartsourceRedPlum and Cool Savings, so you have access to all the other coupons available!

5. Sign up for PPGazette to click on the items in the current ShopRite circular that are on sale that you need to buy, and print out your list!
PP Gazette

6. Be sure to check back here each Saturday evening for the coupon Match-Ups!  For a preview of the upcoming coupons in your Sunday paper, click here

Here is some info about ShopRite and coupons:

Each ShopRite store is individually owned and operated, which means that one ShopRite may have a different coupon policy than another. You should check with your store to confirm their policies.

Generally, ShopRite is known to double manufacturer coupons up to $0.99. Coupons $1 and up are taken at face value. If a coupon states “DO NOT DOUBLE”, the coupon cannot be doubled. Printable coupons are accepted after verification by store staff. Store coupons can be stacked with manufacturer coupons for extra savings. Cellfire coupons can be added right onto your ShopRite Plus Club card, so no clipping is necessary on those coupons.

You might also want to

  • Sign up for ShopRite Family: ShopRite Family is a program that offers you, as a ShopRite customer, a variety of ways to earn rewards for you and your family. You can earn points by purchasing participating ShopRite Family items online or at your local ShopRite store. Click here for a list of participating products. Check back frequently as participating products may change throughout the promotion. Redeem your points for items from the e-Store catalog. Enjoy the savings, the great rewards for you and your family, as well as helpful content and information for you.
  • Sign up for Baby Bucks, which is running from Sunday, August 1st through Saturday, October 30th, 2010:  Every time you spend $100.00 on Baby Bucks products during our cycle, you'll automatically be rewarded with a $10 Baby Bucks Coupon at the bottom of your register receipt. Use your Baby Bucks coupon to buy any products in our store except those prohibited by law, with a minimum purchase of $50. Baby Bucks points are reset at the beginning of each cycle.  Baby Bucks Coupons expire 30 days after the cycle end date ... any unused points at the end of each cycle period will be reset back to zero.
    As a Price Plus club card member you're automatically enrolled in our Baby Bucks program, and if you're not already a Price Plus club member, simply stop by the Customer Service Desk and pick up an application today, or click here to enroll online.
  • ShopRite is currently offering the following promotion:
Spend $300.00 – $599.99 from 9/5 – 9/25, earn 1 certificate worth 10% off a future purchase.
Spend $600.00–$899.99 from 9/5 – 9/25, earn 2 certificates worth up to 20% off a future purchase.
Spend $900.00+ from 9/5 – 9/25,earn 3 certificates worth up to 30% off a future purchase.


We've teamed up with a fellow Mommy Blogger, Living Rich with Coupons, to bring you weekly match-ups for ShopRite Shoppers.  We're ready to post this week's ShopRite Coupon Matchups!
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