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Great deal on The Haunted Pumpkin Garden

If you live in NYC, here is a great event for local families to do this month!
Here is more info:

Bring the family to the Everett Children's Adventure Garden at the New York Botanical Garden for some Halloween-season fun. Intricate pumpkin sculptures of spooky scarecrows, frightening spiders, sneaky snakes and more designed by artist Michael Natiello await discovery at every turn. Youngsters can play inside a "gourd-geous'' Pumpkin House, put on a scary show at the Pumpkin Puppet Theater, have a hoot finding out what owls eat by dissecting pellets, and look for wiggly worms under a rotting log. Kids of all ages are encouraged to wear scary costumes for daily parades through the Adventure Garden. Check the event description for a schedule of special happenings.

October 8 – 10, all day (Columbus Day Weekend)
Spooktacular Pumpkin Party
Delight in the fantastical creations of master puppeteer Ralph Lee. Take part in spooky storytelling, puppet-making, and loads of creepy hands-on fun for the entire family. Enjoy seasonal treats courtesy of Whole Foods Market.

Giant Pumpkin Carving Weekends
October 22 – 23, all day Watch master carver and two-time Food Network Challenge winner Ray Villafane transform pumpkins into monsters!

October 29 – 30, all day
See Michael Natiello transform pumpkins into amazing sculptures, releasing the beast from inside a giant pumpkin! About the Ticket Supplier: New York Botanical Garden

Get the deal!
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Win a FREE Coupon for Welch's, and learn about Welch's partnership with Zagat: “Taste the Harvest: How and where to eat fresh, local and seasonal.”

We’re excited to announce that in celebration of the Concord grape harvest, which occurs for a just a few short weeks each fall, Welch’s has partnered with Zagat to create the first-ever guide on eating local and seasonal food: “Taste the Harvest: How and where to eat fresh, local and seasonal.”

The guide profiles restaurants across the U.S., known for cooking with local produce and tips on how to cook local and seasonal food at home. We thought you would be interested in learning more about how to incorporate seasonal produce to boost the color, flavor and heart-healthfulness of meals.

You can download the guide for free at welchs.com/zagat as the guide officially launched this past weekend at the New York City Wine & Food Festival.
What’s included in the Welch’s and Zagat “Taste the Harvest” guide?

• Zagat Ratings & Reviews for restaurants in 16 US markets recognized for their farm-to-table practices

• A selection of farmers markets across the country;

• A “What Produce is in Season When” list;

• Tips for incorporating heart-healthy, seasonal fruits and vegetables into your diet;

• Exclusive seasonal recipes authored by Registered Dietitians;

• Profile of a Welch’s family-farmer owner, who plants, cares for, and harvests Welch’s Concord grapes

Also, don’t forget to check out watch the Welch’s Harvest Video to get an insiders’ view on what happens during our annual Harvest season, such as when ripe Welch’s grapes are pressed into juice within 8 hours of harvesting so you and your family can enjoy the delicious, bold taste all year long! At the end, savings are unlocked and you can choose any ONE coupon from 100% Juice, Jams & Jellies, Sparkling and Refrigerated cocktails to take advantage of!

Visit our Facebook page to enter the MyMetroNYMommy Giveaway, where one of our fans will win Win one coupon good for 1 free 46, 64 or 96 oz. 100% Welch’s Grape Juice or 100% Grape Juice blend!

Disclaimer:  MyMetroNYMommy has been provided review/giveaway product. No compensation was received.
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Jenna McCarthy's New Book To Be Released October 4th, 2011!

Jenna McCarthy has written a new book that I am sure will be a GREAT HIT! If it Was Easy They'd Call the Whole Damn Thing a Honeymoon: Living with and Loving the TV-Addicted, Sex-Obsessed, Not-So-Handy Man You Married (Berkley Books) You can find it on bookshelves, October 4th, 2011! Hurry and get your copy!

7 Steps to a Happy Marriage
by Jenna McCarthy
I have a remarkably happy marriage, and people ask me all the time how I got so lucky. (Not as often as they ask me about autism, vaccines and Jim Carrey, so let’s get something straight before we go any further: Not. Her.) I used to wonder if it had something to do with pheromones or having relatively low expectations, but after eleven years of wedded bliss I am pretty sure the key is some combination of kindness, respect and my ability to read a road map upside down divided by my husband’s skill at tuning out my nagging.
Okay, fine. We got lucky. 
Busloads of studies have attempted to figure out why roughly every other marriage fails miserably. Turns out, the success stories share a few similarities beyond the obvious stuff like “they don’t have sex with other people”.  Here, then, are seven scientifically proven* steps to marital ecstasy.
  1. Be thinner and better looking than your husband. I have no idea why this works to create nuptial delight but I’m guessing it’s because if you’re fat and ugly you probably never want to have sex, which makes him grumpy and mean because sex was the one and only reason he got married in the first place. (Well, that and pie. Think about it: Most guys will never bake a pie in their lifetimes and from what I’ve seen, they really like pie.) Of course, I don’t know many women who are dying to have sex with fat, ugly men, so this one remains a bit of a mystery.  
  2. Make sure he does more chores than you do (well, duh) and try to talk less than he does. I have to admit, if you asked my husband the top three things I could do to make him happier, “shut the hell up for five lousy minutes” would probably be on the list. (But not at the tippy-top. Ahem.) 
  3. Don’t watch a lot of chick flicks. Seems that after sitting through Gnomio and Juliet (or any other rom-com) relationship dissatisfaction tends to skyrocket. Apparently this is because maybe it could happen to you but you realize that it hasn’t and it probably won’t and that fat bastard never sprinkled rose petals on your bed, dammit. At least you’re thinner and better looking than he is.  
  4. Don’t win a best-actress Oscar. I included this one because unlike getting hotter or having your jaw wired shut, it’s actually pretty painless and doable. Personally, I am going to make this a priority in my marriage. 
  1. Limit your booze consumption (both of you). No comment. 
  1. Become or urge your partner to become a farmer, nuclear engineer or optometrist. Evidently every career choice has its own unique divorce-risk profile, with these three being on the lowest end. Dancers and choreographers are pretty much screwed. You can’t make this stuff up.  
  2. Prefer having the car windows down. I haven’t technically seen a study on this, but do you not fight about this every single time you ride in a vehicle together? And doesn’t he get all pissed when you want them up and accuse you of being more concerned about your hair than his precious need for non-recirculated air? If anyone bothered to study this, I’m confident the results would back me up. 
So there you have it. I do not suggest trying to master all seven steps at once. For instance, if you stop doing housework altogether (to try to tilt his portion of the ratio toward more), you’ll have a lot of extra time on your hands which you may want to spend drinking alcohol. Remember, there’s no rush here. Till death do us part is a really long time**.   
*I may have bastardized the language a bit in some cases but the facts are mostly accurate.
**I stole that line from If It Was Easy They’d Call the Whole Damn Thing a Honeymoon: Living with and Loving the TV-Addicted, Sex-Obsessed, Not-So-Handy Man You Married, which I wrote (and please note that it says the blah-blah-blah man you married, not the one I married. My husband likes it when I point that out). You can find out more about me, my books and how I survived tanorexia on my website

Don’t forget to google Zestra after you watch it... or better yet, check out the link on Jenna’s homepage,
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